Woven Garments Processing Of The Production Process

- Nov 10, 2017 -

Surface materials into the factory inspection and technical preparation, cutting, sewing, ironing, keyhole button, garment inspection and packaging and warehousing or transportation.

After entering the factory, the fabric should be checked in quantity, as well as the appearance and internal quality. The production can be put into production according to the production requirements. Before batch production, the first technical preparation should be carried out, including the process sheet, sample making and sample making, and the sample can be entered into the next production process after customer confirmation. After cutting, sewing fabric made of semi-finished products, some woven fabrics made of semi-finished products, according to the special requirements, shall be carried out after finishing, such as washing clothing, clothing washing, torsion crease processing and so on, finally through the keyhole button assisted process and ironing process, then after passing inspection packing.

Technical preparation

Before mass production, the technical preparation before production should be done by technical personnel first.  Technical preparation includes three contents: process sheet, sample making and sample making. Technical preparation is an important means to ensure the smooth progress of batch production and final products meet customer requirements.

Process sheet is the guidance document in garment processing. It puts forward detailed requirements for clothing specifications, sewing, ironing, packaging and other details. The details of clothing accessories collocation, stitch density and other details are also clear, see table 1-1. The process of garment processing should be strictly referenced to the requirements of the process sheet.

Sample production requires accurate size and complete specifications. The contours of the relevant parts are accurately matched. Marked clothing style, location, size, grain direction and quality requirements should be on the pattern, and stamped with the relevant chapter in the joint composite model.

After the completion of the process sheet and template formulation, we can carry out the production of small batch of samples, in accordance with the requirements of customers and processes, timely correction of discrepancies, and process difficulties to solve the problem, so that a large number of flow smoothly. Sample clothing after customer confirmation signature becomes one of the important inspection basis.

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