Woven Fabric Features

- Nov 10, 2017 -

The main feature is that the fabric is divided into meridional and latitudinal directions. When the fabric warp and weft yarn density of raw materials, and at the same time, fabric anisotropy, interlacing and different finishing conditions can form different appearance style.

The main advantage of woven fabric is that the structure is stable, the cloth surface is smooth, and the suspension phenomenon is normal, so it is suitable for all kinds of tailoring methods. Suitable for all kinds of woven fabric dyeing and finishing method, in general, printing and jacquard pattern than knitted fabric, fabric and knitted fabric felt more fine. There are many kinds of fabrics. As a clothing fabric, washable, can be refurbished, dry cleaning and a variety of finishing. Although the elasticity of woven fabric is not as good as that of knitted fabric, it will cause warp and weft distortion when it is not finished, which will affect the tailoring, sewing, processing and wearing effect of the knitted fabric, but it is widely used in clothing because of its advantages.

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