What Is The Characteristics Of Knitted Denim Fabric

- Nov 10, 2017 -

Denim is very rich in species, a kind of knitted jeans fabric is one of the more popular with consumers, the main color of indigo, blue and black, black etc.. Compared with woven denim fabric, knitted fabric with weft weave, bring more excellent flexibility for denim. At present, the technology of knitted denim fabric in our country has been quite mature, especially in the coastal areas of the south of the Yangtze River, such as Zhejiang, Guangzhou and other places, there are a large number of professional knitted denim fabric manufacturers, and the market prospect is broad.

Knitted denim fabric is not only rich in color and variety of technology, but also uses more fiber raw materials, such as cotton, cotton, polyester, spandex and so on, can be used as knitted denim material. Compared with other denim fabric, knitted denim fabric with excellent elasticity, but also has many advantages such as good hygroscopicity, breathable and comfortable, antibacterial, warm and good, is very popular in the market, fading characteristics of the washing also brings more possibilities for decoration, deep Toki Ai and welcome.

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