What Is Tencel Denim

- Nov 10, 2017 -

Tencel is also called Lyocell fiber, also called Tencel fiber, is a conifer dominated wood pulp, water and solvent mixed amine oxide, heating to dissolve completely, any derivatives and chemical effects will not occur in the dissolution process, the impurity and direct spinning, its molecular structure is simple carbohydrates.

The use of Tencel yarn as raw materials are called Tencel denim jeans

What are the characteristics of Tencel denim?

Tencel fiber is a British Acocdis company production of LYOCELL fiber brand names in China registered Chinese named Tencell, the fiber wood pulp as a new fiber material solvent produced by the method of spinning. It has the "comfort, cotton polyester wool fabric" strength "," luxury beauty "and" a unique touch of silk "and" soft Pendant ", either in dry or wet state, are very tough. In wet state, it is the first cellulose fiber that is much stronger in wet strength than in cotton. One hundred percent pure natural materials, manufacturing process and environmental protection, make way of life to protect the natural environment for this, to fully meet the needs of modern consumers, and green environmental protection, called the green fiber in twenty-first Century.

Tencel fabric feels very soft, wearing special personal, known as breathing fabric!

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