The Difference Between Knitted Denim Yarn And Woven Denim Yarn

- Nov 10, 2017 -

1. The twist of woven denim yarn is higher than that of knitted denim. In fact, in layman's words, that is to say, woven denim yarn must be more hard;

2. The evenness requirement of knitted denim yarn is higher than that of woven denim yarn;

3, knitting denim yarn without sizing process, and woven denim yarn needs to be sizing; sizing will also increase the hardness of yarn, and then increase the cloth hardness, so there will be desizing process;

4, because the knitting denim yarn process requirements usually higher than woven denim yarn requirements, so knitting denim yarn is more expensive than woven denim yarn, and then knitted denim fabric naturally more expensive than woven denim fabric.

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