Knitted Denim Is What Fabric

- Nov 10, 2017 -

Knitted denim is a denim, knitted denim but it is a way to do better than the elastic woven, knitted denim weft knitted fabric selection, selection of rope dyeing indigo, blue and black, black and other knitted yarn special technology in circular knitting machine produced fabric has washed fading effect. It is the main species of small fish, big fish scales, the thickness of Terry Terry twill Terry, rib twill Terry, plain Hanbu etc..

Knitted denim has good elasticity, soft handle and comfortable wear, which is the advantage of knitted jeans. The weft knitted, so the selection of functional fiber knitted jeans is not the same as a big advantage characteristics, knitted denim produced mostly in addition to routine cotton cotton polyester and cotton polyester spandex, and absorption of perspiration, antibacterial and deodorant, anti ultraviolet, thermal function characteristics. It can be washed, faded and discolored to the desired style of clothing.

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