How To Distinguish Knitted Denim Yarn Is Good Or Bad

- Nov 10, 2017 -

1, eye view. Knitting denim fabric style is very refreshing, clear lines, washing water, especially the hand rub is the place where you can see the difference between the certain. Turn the bottom cloth and see the weft line at the same time. And good knitting cowboy yarn, whether to do simple wash water or complex washing water, that high-grade feeling, is people fondle admiringly.

2, hand touch. The cowboy's soft and hard, in addition to the fabric style and yarn characteristics, finishing process usually hardness of knitted jeans yarn plays a very significant role, such as adding softening agent, liquid ammonia treatment, will affect the fabric handle.

3, nose smell. Close to the smell. Good knitting jeans shouldn't have any irritating or other bad smell, and they can sleep peacefully when they make pillows.

Through the eye view, touch and smell the three quality of knitted denim fabric have a general understanding.

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