High-quality Denim Fabric Types And Identification Methods

- Nov 10, 2017 -

1, authentic jeans using indigo dye, fabric colorless or strip. After the stone has a bright bright, slightly red cloth, no significant staining.

2, a stone mill, the fabric is soft, velvet cloth have a sense of fullness. Sewing hem worn white plane without grinding marks, color uniform.

3, the double seam sewing, waist by chain sewing, and the use of pure polyester 215/3 yarn, sewing fastness, not easy seam.

4, the metal hook, button, brand is in the gap, the coating is no wear, the backing pad cloth block, in order to prevent cracking damage.

Ring yarn denim

With the development and application of ring spinning high speed, big package, fine couplet, knotless new process equipment, coarse yarn spinning short length, low production efficiency, knot many shortcomings have been resolved. The situation that the denim yarn is replaced by the air yarn is changing rapidly, and the ring yarn is coming back. Because the ring yarn denim is better than the jet yarn, such as feel, drape, tear strength and so on,

Slub denim

When different yarn, slub coarse with different design (basic yarn and slub yarn of bamboo section ratio), length and pitch, using single warp or single weft and warp and weft are equipped with two-way slub yarn, normal yarn with the same number or different number of appropriate proportion and arrangement, can produce bamboo a variety of denim, the clothing washing is processed to form a variety of hazy or clear grid style jeans, by the consumer demand for personalized groups welcome. The early slub denim was almost all made of ring slub yarn

Weft elastic jean cloth

The spandex elastic yarn, the cowboy variety has developed into a new field, can make the jeans both close and comfortable, with bamboo or different color, make the products more adapted to cowboy fashion, personalized consumer demand, and thus have great potential for development.

Special color denim

Because of the super deep indigo or indigo dyed denim clothing made by washing after processing, can obtain the special effect of bright color bright, widely welcomed by consumers.

"Super indigo denim dyeing" has two major characteristics: the depth of dyeing and washing fastness especially deep especially good. The former refers to the unit mass of yarn dyed indigo dye on the amount of (usually accounted for% of the dry weight of yarn dye, dyeing depth referred to as%) in particular, such as conventional denim warp indigo dyeing depth from 1% to 3%, while the "Indigo" dyeing depth need to reach more than 4%, it can be called super indigo blue or indigo. The latter refers to the "super indigo" dyeing jeans need to withstand repeated washing 3 hours or more, the color can still reach or exceed the conventional dyeing denim without color depth and color of the ground, than the conventional dyeing denim Nongyan much brighter.

Because of the "super indigo dyeing depth" dyeing dyeing denim products increase more than 60% than traditional denim, indigo dye concentration therefore will multiply, even reach 3 ~ 4G / L, it is possible to obtain a deep colour. This liquid viscosity increases, poor liquidity and influence of penetration ability of leuco dyes, the color fastness of washing of denim garment production decreased, not up to the demand for the final depth.

Color jean fabric based on indigo

In order to increase the color and shade change of indigo denim varieties, all kinds of color matching jeans are very popular now. For example, the indigo dyed indigo dyed black green, green, black sulfide, sulfur blue and so on, to meet the market demand for personalized

Color denim

The main indigo bromide (commonly known as blue denim Market) and black denim, and color by sulfide dye coffee, green, grey, khaki, sulfur blue denim, and a small amount of staining with naphthol dyes red, pink, light pink denim etc..

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