What are the factors that affect the color fastness to rubbing of denim fabric?

- Nov 10, 2017 -

Is to stretch denim warp dyeing and color re woven weft into indigo dye. Available after chemical washing water to wash out a variety of colors, but the denim sole firmly in the white paper is low, gently rub, also obviously fade, this shortcoming is to let a lot of clothing manufacturers head pain problems. So what are the factors causing denim colour fastness to rubbing degree? Now to solve this problem is analyzed in detail:

Influence of floating color:

Cotton denim fabric and other objects in the friction process, the color of the object is rubbed off or staining degree is influenced by many factors. Off color or staining in two ways: one is the denim dye off or fade, contamination in the friction surface; the other is a dyed fiber loss, adhesion in the friction surface. In practice, the dye off is the main reason of staining.  Therefore, floating color is the main factor affecting the color fastness.

Combination of dyes and fibers

Dye and fiber with better color fastness is better, or worse.  Combination between the fiber and the dye mainly depends on the hydrogen bond and Fan Dehua force.

Denim structure and surface smoothness

Because of differences in organizational structure of denim, the friction factor is different, so the adhesive friction suffers in denim on the surface of different dyes, shedding and adsorption to the dry cloth or wet cloth on the amount of dye is also different. Denim surface friction coefficient increases, the amount of dye released and adsorbed more, the rubbing fastness is worse, and better color fastness to rubbing. The number and density of the same yarn denim, denim line to float the radial or weft is longer, more smooth cloth, the friction coefficient is smaller, better color fastness to rubbing.

Singeing effect

Singeing effect, denim fiber surface smooth, less hairiness, low friction factor denim surface, is conducive to the improvement of color fastness to rubbing.

Desizing degree

On the denim sizing if removed entirely, after mercerizing processes will lead to chemical is not easy to soak into the inside of the fabric, resulting in mercerizing process effect is not good, hydroscopicity. Therefore, the subsequent process of color dye cannot be well soaked to firmly combined with internal denim and denim fiber, elastic strong reaction with slurry, slurry and dye that rubbing together off, resulting in poor color fastness to rubbing.


After mercerizing, adsorption and chemical reaction of cotton fiber and improve, increase the adsorption of dye on silk and cotton fiber. In addition, the fade and fade is more serious, floating color reduction, to improve the color fastness to rubbing.

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