The future trend of the textile industry

- Nov 10, 2017 -

The textile industry is showing a booming trend, the future of chemical fiber, natural fiber, dyeing finishing, functional textiles and textile composites and nonwoven materials and advanced textile equipment will become the trend of the development of textile and highlights.

Mention of chemical fiber, many people think that only some man-made fibers, but it is also a kind of engineering materials, especially high-tech fiber, is the main varieties in the future of the textile industry development. In the research and development of chemical fiber materials, we should pay attention to the research of high performance, differential, functional, biomass fiber and so on.

In the aspect of natural fiber, one is to study the preparation technology of natural fiber with low carbon characteristics.  Two is to study the applicability of raw materials wide, clean and efficient new spinning technology.

After finishing in printing and dyeing, should pay attention to the anhydrous medium dyeing technology industrialization, such as the study of plasma technology, high speed digital printing technology, liquid ammonia and organic solvent dyeing dyeing, supercritical CO2 fluid dyeing. For dyeing and finishing, the dyeing and finishing technology without water or less water will be very popular, and this technology will be paid attention to by the scientific and technological research circle.

In the aspect of functional textiles, functional textiles is the effective way to improve product quality and added value, functional textiles will become an important branch of high-tech industry. We believe that functionality will be an important tool for textiles to increase their added value in the future.

Structural composites will also attract attention from all walks of life in the world. Large complex preform technology, inorganic and metal fiber weaving automation technology, weaving technology, fiber woven detection technology will become the main development trend of the future of the industry.

In addition, in the aspect of nonwovens, nano, composite, functional and new processing technology are the development direction of nonwoven technology. In the advanced textile equipment, to improve equipment reliability and stability of textile equipment of digital and intelligent control technology, key parts, textile machinery parts design and manufacturing of new textile equipment design and manufacturing technology etc..

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