Tender silk fabric care how to clean it

- Nov 10, 2017 -

1.Use the washing machine 1, Tencel linen Tencel pits the best clothes don't material texture, Tencel linen texture is soft, if the force used in washing machine stir off, easy deformation, wrinkled, serious will wash bad, if there is no time and effort, can also put the clothes in the washing pocket, then washing gentle washing machine.

2.Fade problem: Tencel linen Tencel linen fabric first into the water, there will be floating color fade phenomenon, the deeper the color, floating color will be more obvious. Don't worry when you see a pot of ink water for the first time. It will be clear if you change it several times. Regular laundry buyers have this life experience, that is, using salt water fixing color, this method may not be immediate, so buyers are advised to start several times do not mix washing, not to use laundry powder, 84 disinfectant and other parts of the color damage directly contact clothing.

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