Pure cotton cloth cleaning and maintenance methods

- Nov 10, 2017 -

Pure cotton should pay attention to moisture, corrosion in maintenance, so as to avoid moldy snake. A piece of pure cotton fabric curtains in the collection before must wash clean, otherwise the dirt and grease easily moldy. Cotton cloth has a strong moisture absorption, rainy season, or wet areas in the south, should be taken out from time to time to dry.

Pure cotton cloth has strong alkali resistance, and can be washed with various soap and detergent. The water temperature should be controlled below 35 degrees, and the curtain can be soaked in warm water for 1~2 hours, but it should not be soaked in detergent for a long time, so as to prevent fading, and then rinse by clean water. Wash, remember not to force too much, so as not to surface fuzzing. When ironing, the temperature is below 120 degrees, it is best to pad white cloth, so as not to fade and affect the appearance. When drying, it is best to dry in the shade, or the opposite direction, do not let the sun direct, more unfavorable exposure too long. Storage after drying.

The curtains if there is mildew, available 20 grams of ammonia soaking dilution to 1 liters of water, then rinse.

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