Knowledge of various fabrics and clothing maintenance

- Nov 10, 2017 -

Nylon fabrics:

1, not ironing.

2, after washing, don't expose to sunlight. The light fastness of nylon fabric is not very good, and it is easy to fade.

Cotton fabric:

1, cold water machine washing, not too heavy.

2, cotton sweater springback is poor, easy deformation, wear not pull Korah too large, especially the neckline, cuffs and hem, acrylic and cotton blended sweater elasticity is relatively better than the cotton sweater is easily deformed, but more easily roughed, also need to pay attention to washing can not be too heavy.

Shirt fabric:

1, cold water machine washable, not bleach.

2, not high temperature press.

3, blended shirt ironing temperature should be reduced, cloth ironing.

4, do not iron collar.

5, hanging storage.

Printed T-shirt fabric:

1, the printing position does not pull not rub, pull, twist.

2, the printing position can not be ironed, to prevent printing off.

3, the flexibility of rib cloth is better, printing position is easy to fall off when pulling too large.

Elastic T-shirt fabric:

1, elastic fabric can not be ironed at high temperature, to prevent damage fabric elasticity.

2, can not drift, will damage fabric elasticity.

3. Some elastic fabrics are made of core spun yarn. The yarn is fluffy and the cloth is plush. When washing, don't be too heavy to prevent excessive pilling.

4, can not be exposed to prevent fabric elasticity damage.

Cotton light T-shirt fabric:

1, washing can not be too heavy, not with other thick and thick clothes washing, to prevent deformation, pilling and overweight, and scratches, abrasions, preferably washed alone.

2, light fabric tissue is thinner, fabric elasticity is low, daily wear pay attention to prevent hard things hook yarn, cause broken hole.

3, light fabric easily deformed, pay attention not to pull too much when wearing.

Other fabric T-shirt fabric:

1, jacquard fabric because the organization is loose, fabric side has long floating line, so try not to and other coarse clothes, zipper clothes washing, prevent hook, scratch fabric, because the floating line in the reverse side, so this kind of clothes do not reverse wash.

2 kinds of knitted fabrics (such as viscose, modal, dress more) soft, thin, this kind of fabric wet strength is low in the water, prone to fibrillated pilling, so only gentle cycle can not be too heavy.

T/C poplin fabric:

Don't dry to prevent the fabric feel stiff, easy to cause the direct pressure hot oil from a mirror, if you want the best cloth ironing ironing.

Jeans fabric:

1, cold water machine washing, in order to prevent fading too fast, the best reverse wash.

2, the new jeans, before you wear the best wash once, to remove the fabric residual floating color and chemical additives.

3, do not expose to sunlight, prevent excessive fading, yellowing of cloth.

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