Knitted denim and its technical characteristics

- Nov 10, 2017 -

In order to achieve the same effect as ordinary jeans, knitted jeans normally use yarn dyed (dyed yarn first weaving) method, so the denim yarn with fading effect is the key technology for the early development of knitted denim!

Many manufacturers in order to mass production of knitted denim, try every way to achieve uniform dyeing, and cylinder deviation and yarn dyed to have enough flexibility, dyeing, weaving, finishing in each process must have professional technology and management, through years of practice, Jason has mastered the textile Co. the core technology and industry advantages, emerge in the domestic market of knitted jeans fabric.

As a new type of compound textile fabric, knitted jeans has larger style change and variety renovation space. At present, the main products are knitted jeans fabric scales, fleece, Jersey, double-sided cloth, mesh cloth, color cloth, elastic cloth, single, lacoste cloth, laminated cloth, single-sided and double-sided computer jacquard cloth, double straight Terry, Terry and indigo terry cloth series.

Knitted jeans fabric with cotton yarn are in addition to, can also add some functional yarn such as Tencel, bamboo fiber, soybean fiber, spandex etc.. From the overseas development, thin knitted jeans with absorbent moisture and antibacterial function, and recover the original simplicity style, widely used in clothing, T-shirt, pajamas, underwear, sportswear, casual wear, fashion etc.. In addition, knitted denim finishing denim by remaining process different have different effects, there is a "natural beauty natural carving", its wearability is woven denim There is nothing comparable to this, after deep processing of knitted jeans favored by domestic and foreign customers, is becoming increasingly popular in the high-end products.

Knitted denim yarn

Knitting jeans commonly used for knitting yarn are 10s, 16S, 21s, 32S, 40s etc. but different yarn in dyeing costs vary greatly, unlike conventional dyeing are in accordance with the general kg yarn thickness little impact on prices, but the knitted denim yarn is different, generally 10 yarn from yarn do the package is 15 yuan / kg, 16 in about 16 yuan / kg, 21 at 17 yuan / kg, 32 of the price will rise to 20 yuan / kg, the price of 40 cigarettes are stained as can be imagined to be 30 yuan / kg, the dyeing cost also restricted fine development in the direction of knitting jeans to a certain extent, the market circulation is now generally by 21 gauzes primarily it is for this reason.

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