Common denim types and uses

- Nov 10, 2017 -

A and pure cotton denim have always been the main force of denim family. After years of research, the denim on the basis of traditional products, more prominent in the dyeing process and the design concept, the deeper the color, texture clear and white is more obvious and more rugged style.

B, cotton denim is a new variety of popular market in recent years, the product characteristics of the polyester fiber with high brightness, good gloss, bright colors, breaking through the conventional denim cloth single color, dull style, to inject new vitality into the denim family.

C, sticky cotton denim play characteristics of viscose fiber blended by soft, viscose and cotton or interwoven, make fabric soft but straight, wearing elegant and comfortable.  Viscose polyester cotton denim combines the characteristics of viscose, polyester, cotton three kinds of fiber, fabric soft and rigid, clear lines.

D, stretch denim fabric in the weft yarn with Spandex Covered Yarn, elastic products, the cowboy clothing wearing comfortable, suitable for people sports and leisure theme. And in the light, thin, soft trend of denim this summer. Stretch denim fabric is the most colorful. Viscose rayon, polyester, color and other raw materials, the denim fabric with new concept of soft, thin, delicate texture also changed the denim fabric always rough, strengthen the wearing of cowboy clothing occasions.

E, jacquard denim fabric in the traditional woven into a variety of simple abstract flowers, leaves and other patterns, shaping a unique new style.

F, cotton denim at hemp fiber feeling is coarse, dry characteristics obviously, blended with cotton fiber, using a variety of dyeing process, fabric style is very rough, the spirit of the times

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